Dream big and build for the long-term

Dream big and build for the long-term

We’re in the business of community-based, long-term real estate development, acquisition and management.

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Build, manage, 
grow and challenge status quo

We started Dominion with the idea that every project is an opportunity for stewardship and impact, not just a cash grab. We knew we had to move away from a get-in-get-out approach, to focus on the needs of communities rather than just the opportunity in the market.

We work largely in emerging markets to breathe new life into existing properties, while partnering with local stakeholders to dream and build for the future.

From the outset, our aim was to build for the long-term, not just for us, but for everyone involved. From development, to management, to our organization and team culture, we work to be good stewards of the relationships and resources we have. To work with a heart of service and pursue excellence in every facet of our work.

We believe our vertically integrated model not only gives us an advantage as a company, but also operates as our super power in serving our residents, communities, and partners.

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An inner garden in the DDG Courtyard

We consider every angle, leveraging our resources, experience, and know-how to advance lasting and meaningful communities.

We endeavor to make spaces that draw people together, toward a life well-lived.

Headquartered in Knoxville, rooted across the Southeast

We work like locals, because we are. With properties in Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Kentucky, and North Carolina, we’re proud to call the Southeast home.


New construction and development of
 multi-family and senior housing communities.


Acquisition and rehab of multi-family housing properties in the market rate and affordable sectors.


Property management of our portfolio communities.

An investment in good is a good investment

Our investment doesn’t stop when the project’s “over”. As a part of our ongoing stewardship, we contribute a portion of our profits to support work in under-resourced communities. We partner with like-minded organization who are well-equipped to serve children, youth, and families through education support and community enrichment.

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Building better is considering the bigger picture and planning for the long-term

Vertically Integrated. 
Impact Oriented.

We orchestrate a host of efforts to make real impact in the communities we serve. From pre-construction to property management, we consider every angle and lean on trusted partners when necessary to extend our reach and strengthen our outcomes. We grow everyday, and see to it that every project holds good for our staff, residents, communities and investors.

Everyone, a neighbor

To build better, you have to build together. We’re looking for go-getters, do-gooders, sharp-thinkers, and all kinds of other good folks to join our team.

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